Campaigning for the Common Good

The first thing that I have worked on with the Finance Lab is this mentoring programme which is jointly run between the New Economics Foundation, who are the masters at ‘thinking the economy differently’ and the Lab who look to ‘perform the economy differently’ – or at least thats how I understand it.

I am mainly going to be assisting Dan and Charlotte in running the sessions and evaluating, but I’m also hoping to benefit from being part of the course and making connections and networking with others who are interested in geeky, sexy finance.

Campaigning for the Common Good: Applications open

We’ve teamed up with the Finance Innovation Lab to offer a six-month mentoring programme for ambitious, rising leaders of economic justice campaigns.

We find ourselves in the midst of the worst recession since the 1930s, with record youth unemployment, drastic cuts to public services and rising inequality. Climate change seems all but forgotten. It’s clear that our political and economic system is not delivering. Yet the response of civil society so far has been insufficient to catalyse meaningful change.

We need campaigns that tackle the root causes of the problems we face. Yet it’s rare that we find the time in our work to think through what is needed to bring about lasting change, and to design truly effective campaign strategies. The Great Transition programme here at nef is trying to help provide space and resources to start thinking about these big questions.

That’s why today I’m proud to announce that in partnership with the Finance Innovation Lab we’re launching a new mentoring course: ‘campaigning for the common good’; it’s specifically designed to tackle some of these big questions and to work together to develop solutions to them.

We’re looking for 16 participants from 8 organisations across unions, faith groups, NGOs and grassroots movements. Over five full-day sessions and a weekend residential, starting in January 2013, participants will learn from experts and most importantly from each other. Together, we’ll develop knowledge of the failings of our current economic model and political system; understand the shape of a new economics; refine and develop campaign strategies for systemic change and, most importantly, build participant’s own leadership potential.

The challenges we face as a society have never been greater but arguably neither have the opportunities. This mentoring programme is the first of our team’s new campaigns to build the capacity needed to win the battle for a new economics; you’ll be hearing a lot more about the other projects we’ve got planned in the new year. It’s time to go big or go home.

Applications are open until 12 December. Download the application pack here.


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