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Second Article Published – The Democracy Project Book Review

Yes, it’s about David Graeber, again. Yes, he’s a bit of an inspiration, but I am not obsessed, this one came to me. I got asked to review his book for a Journal because I do work in that area and I clearly loved Debt, the First 5,000 years. This is about his book “The Democracy Project” about the Occupy movement, and it is good. Not Debt-book amazing, but good. It is normally £24 to read unless you have some subscription through uni/college/library but if not then you can access it through this link for FREE for the first 50 people to read it.

Doing the review (which Graeber will be responding too at some point) was actually a great chance for me to work through some of the issues I was having with questioning politics, campaigning and democracy which we did in the Campaign Lab. We had some amazing, enlightening and sometimes frustrating discussions about change – how it happens, why it happens – about power – who should have it, should we take it, should we push others to take it – and just generally what kind of politics leads to a society in which the common good prevails? I thank each and every person on Campaign Lab, alongside the organisers, because if there is something to have hope in, at the moment for me it is about this kind of collaboration and open, explorative debate amongst people who really, really give a shit. Also, they really know how to throw a sauna party in rural Wales.

Campaign Lab

Campaign Lab


This article is dedicated to them. x



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